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In each episode, Charlotte Donlon discusses an idea connected to reading, writing, creativity, and/or grace. All in three minutes or less.

When we enter more fully into stories through art, we become more of who we were designed to be, we develop more empathy for others, and we see the world around us with more clarity.

Stories help cure our afflictions. Stories help us stay sane.

There have been several studies that prove we are wired for interpersonal connections. We rely more on ideas that result from personal contact and relationships than from raw data. We respond to and connect with stories much easier than we respond to and connect with raw data.

Charlotte has experienced healing on many levels through stories and believes reading, writing, and other forms of creativity have transforming power. Charlotte has been a Christian for over 20 years, and she likes to examine God's grace from many angles and explore spaces where grace intersects with everyday life. Her Story Cures weekly email newsletter and Story Cures podcast explore how reading, writing, creativity, and grace impact us and help us make sense of the world.

Read more from Charlotte at http://www.charlottedonlon.com.

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